Missionary and Pastor Care

Missionary & Pastor Care
The rental of the manor not only provides enough income to keep the doors open but also serves as a gift to pastors and missionaries. Mike and Valerie have on their hearts to use the manor to help restore and revitalize tired and burned out pastors and missionaries. There is a great need out there and they delight in having the opportunity to serve and pamper them.

Mike and Valerie have hosted over a hundred missionaries serving mostly in Africa and Europe. They also hosted several pastors from France and the USA. Here are a few testimonies of past care opportunities:

"Thank you so much for the special time we were able to spend. We had beautiful weather and a restful visit, shared with our friends Sharon and John (medical missionaries in Haiti). May God bless you as you share hospitality with God’s children." - Sharon and Lynn Fogleman medical missionaries serving in South Sudan.

"We would like to thank you for making this week possible for us considering the effort it meant on your part. Thank you for the meals you put together so kindly to please us. We enjoyed the authenticity of each room and all you did to make us feel comfortable. The kids had a really good time and we will talk about it for a long time."  - Phil and Liliane Fifield, serving in Brussels, Belgium.

"God has blessed you richly with what you need to serve others with the grace and love of Jesus. Thank you for caring for us and making us feel welcome and pampered the whole time that we were at the manor. The meals were exceptional and each was an experience in and of itself. May God continue to bless you and expand your ministry of grace". - Stuart and Amy Sheehan president of World Hope Ministries International.

If you are a missionary or pastor, please consider the Manoir Du Poul for your vacation, sabbatical or retreat. Missionaries and pastors pay a flat rate of 30 Euros a night per room (breakfast included) plus 10 Euros per person for dinner meals at the manor. This is over a 50% missionary/pastor discount.

We hope to see you soon.