The Glenmor

Private Bedroom with Queen Size Bed and Private Bath

The Glenmor
The manor was built in 1613 and this room was first used as a storage place for food. Later, servant families working for the lords of the manor lived in that room. The last servant family to live there came back and stayed at the manor in November of 2016. The daughter, who was 59 at the time of the visit, was the last servant born in the room. The room is named after the famous Breton singer who lived in the manor during the 60s and 70s.
The sitting area
The sitting area has an antique table with two chairs and a lamp. There is a beautiful window that allows you a great view of the exterior of the manor. Opposite of the sitting area is a drawer on the other side of the fireplace and another large window.
the bathroom
The bathroom is next to the bedroom. It was once a bedroom but it was made into two bathrooms. The other bathroom serves the Trois Freres side.