Les Trois Frères

Explore our relaxing three bedroom suite for families or friends traveling together.

Les Trois Frères
The Les Trois Frères is a suit with three bedrooms and is named after our neighbors who are 3 elderly Breton brothers who have lived together their entire lives. To ensure privacy, the unit, Les Trois Frères, is only rented out to couples or families who are traveling together and agree ahead of time to share the bathroom facilities. Otherwise, only one room can be rented on that side.
les trois freres elegant bedroom
The Three BedRooms
There are three bedrooms on this side; two with a queen size bed and one with two single beds. These rooms share a large bathroom with a shower, two sinks, and a private toilet room. The names of the three rooms are the Bee Room, the Monthuley Room, and the Beach Room. This is the side of the manor where the lords lived and the side where the servants were not allowed to be in.
The Bee Room
As you reach the second floor, the first room on the right is the bee room. We decided to name it the bee room because bees built a hive in the blocked off chimney our first year here. Honey was even running out onto the floor. We have since had the chimney covered over to prevent that from happening again. The bee room has two single beds and a sink. The towels and curtains have little bee decorations on them. The room is also decorated with old pictures of the manor with the lords and servants as well as some old post cards.
The Monthuley Room
The next room is the Monthuley Room named after Ghislaine and Théu Monthuley. They were the ones who discovered that the manor was for sale and this was their favorite room. It has a yellow theme to match the furniture in the room. It is also decorated with antique postcards from France.
The BEach Room
The third bedroom is the Beach Room. This room used to have old wallpaper that needed to be removed. The blue color from the wall paper left swirls of blue on the walls, making a very rustic look. It was going to be painted, but we decided to go with that look and it went well with the large painting of children playing on the beach. The room is decorated with seashells to go with the theme.
The final room at the end of the hall is the shared bathroom. There are two sinks in this bathroom and a separate toilet room.